About Blue Place

“Blue Place” was created by Mr. Ke for his lovely wife to make her fingernail attractively pretty. Mr. Ke invented the first “Blue Place” nail polish with his whole heart and kept it the most valuable wedding anniversary monument. Inspired to work out the tempting classic nail polish series, Mr. Ke made this brand in its ace position in this field. It was called “the most beautiful and complete finger beauty” in nail art field.

Meet Blue Place in Global Expo

Bologna, Italy

BluePlace in Bologna Cosmprof Expo, offering new and trendy nail art to European customers and get a lot praise there.

Moscow, Russia

BluePlace has been showing its beauty in Moscow International Intercharm since 2014 with its owner Mr.Ke, a professional nail gel master, dedicated to all nail art with his passion and wisdom.

Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam

BluePlace brings the most advanced nail art technology and products to Ho Chi minh people, presenting another magic nail art style and attracted much attention and interests.

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